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In Ukraine, the situation is worsening: nearly 10 million people have lost everything as they flee the war and bombings inside the country and in neighboring countries. Since the beginning of the conflict, CARE has been helping the affected populations, thanks to the support of our donors. Find out how you are helping to support people in Ukraine and on the borders.

In response to the emergency, CARE is providing life-saving humanitarian assistance in Ukraine

  • In Ukraine, the populations trapped by the conflict are beginning to lack everything. Many infrastructures, especially water supply, have been damaged by the bombings. CARE and its partner, the association PeopleInNeed, are providing emergency aid to the population: food, hygiene kits, diapers, water, medical equipment... CARE supports collective shelters. A psychosocial aid center has also been created to support those traumatized by the war. And a mobile team brings this same type of support to remote areas.

  • On the borders of Romania and Poland, thousands of people are arriving every day, exhausted by the cold, the stress, and the long journey they have made. CARE helps the refugees alongside its partners: welcoming the refugees in heated tents, installing toilets, distributing food, providing psychosocial support... We also pay particular attention to women and children, who are more vulnerable to exploitation and violence, by installing, for example, spaces reserved for them, especially to allow mothers to breastfeed.

CARE is preparing to provide emergency and long-term assistance to war-affected populations.

In addition to the actions already carried out, CARE is once again committed with Alliance Urgence, alongside 5 major French NGOs, to provide an effective humanitarian response in Ukraine.

The emergency in Ukraine continues unabated, your support is essential

The situation in Ukraine is catastrophic and the needs are immense to help the millions of refugees.

The situation in Ukraine is catastrophic and the needs are immense to help the millions of refugees.

Since the beginning of the war, our donors have been there to support the Ukrainian people. You have shown incredible solidarity! It is thanks to you that we can continue, every day, to bring vital aid to the Ukrainian people. Thank you for your mobilization!

Your donations allow us to act now, in the heart of the emergency, and as long as possible to support those whose lives have been destroyed.

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