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An economic environment conducive to hospitality

The 9-year-old Syrian crisis has displaced 4 million Syrians in the border countries: 1 million in Jordan and 1.2 million in Lebanon. With the massive arrival of these refugees, there is great pressure on public services, resources and infrastructure. The host populations' access to quality basic services and livelihoods has gradually decreased.


The objectives of the project are to support the creation of an enabling economic environment, increase access to livelihoods and improve service delivery in communities affected by this crisis.



Beneficiaries: 130,000 people in Jordan and 120,000 in Lebanon.

Support from CARE Belgium

2016: €60,000 to the (Refugee programs)

2017: €30,000 to (Refugee Programs)

2018: €40,000 to (Refugee Programs)

2019: €40,000 to (Refugee Programs)


Democratic Republic

from Congo

Fighting for gender equality, justice and dignity through intellectual and practical training.


Reconstruction of 11 schools destroyed by the 2012 cyclone, training of 188 teachers and provision of educational books for primary school pupils.


Improving the quality of primary education.

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