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Care Belgium


Improving the quality of primary education

This project aims to encourage parent associations and head teachers to work together to improve the quality of education. This is done by involving them in the decision-making processes of the Regional Education and Training Academies. The project involves 50 primary schools.


The different activities concern :

  • Development of a social responsibility tool

  • Collecting information

  • Using the tool in the schools involved in the project

  • Organizing round tables with parent associations and educational authorities to create spaces for dialogue

  • Carrying out case studies

  • Sharing experiences and best practices

  • Preparation of roadmaps to establish priorities at the national level

  • Coordination, monitoring and evaluation of project activities.

Support  from CARE Belgium

2015: €13,500 to Care Morocco

2017: €15,000 to CARE  Morocco

2018: €17,750 to CARE  Morocco

2019: €15,000 to CARE Morocco



Democratic Republic

from Congo

Fight for gender equality, justice and dignity through intellectual and practical training.


Reconstruction of 11 schools destroyed by the 2012 cyclone, training of 188 teachers and provision of educational books for primary school students.


Promoting economic empowerment and building capacity for resilience and social stabilization.

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