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Creation of a therapeutic center for children with disabilities in the city of Sfantu Gheorghe (Transylvania)

In Transylvania, in the town of Sfantu Gheorghe, many families live in difficult conditions. The allowances granted for disabled children do not exceed 60 euros per month. Parents from modest backgrounds, who sometimes live on the edge of subsistence, can only with difficulty take care of these children. In addition, the region has a severe lack of specialized therapeutic centers.


The objective of the project led by SERA Romania, CARE's local partner in Romania, is to build and equip a therapeutic center where a multidisciplinary team (psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc.) will be able to follow up on the children with disabilities

Support  from CARE Belgium

2016: €8,500 to SERA Romania for child protection

2017: €15,000 to SERA  Romania for child protection

2018: €20,000 to SERA  Romania for child protection

2019: €20,000 to SERA  Romania for child protection



Democratic Republic

from Congo

Fight for gender equality, justice and dignity through intellectual and practical training.


Promoting economic empowerment and building capacity for resilience and social stabilization.


Improving the quality of primary education.

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