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Democratic Republic of Congo  

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Fight for gender equity  : SAFECO

Abandoned by her father shortly after birth, Neema Namadamu was raised by her mother in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When she was two years old, she contracted polio and her physical handicap allowed her to escape marriage and devote herself to her studies.

According to the UN, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Premature marriages, domestic violence, the law does not protect them and education is secondary.

Back in her native province, the Congolese woman put all her energy into giving women their rightful place in a still very patriarchal society and created the SAFECO association.


To this end, she has initiated sex education programs, workshops to make sustainable and reusable sanitary towels, and courses in the use of digital media. In addition, she helps them build networks and platforms to raise awareness of their rights and thus promote their independence.

At the same time, Neema is also launching a tree planting project to fight deforestation and climate change, another issue close to her heart.  She gives the women tools to help them live sustainably in the forests.


"I am very impressed by Neema Namadamu's journey, courage and determination. A woman who will inspire generations and, by her own definition, 'change the paradigm'," (HRH Princess Esmeralda of Belgium).

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Support from CARE Belgium

2018: €12,000 as support for the NGO SAFECO

2019: €10,000 as support for the NGO SAFECO



Creation of a therapeutic centre for children with disabilities in the town of Sfantu Gheorghe (Transylvania).


Promoting economic empowerment and building capacity for resilience and social stabilisation.


Improved quality of primary education.

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